Fantasy Football

Last night was our Best of Stupid Fantasy Football live draft and I thought I’d share my fantasy football draft picks with everybody.

Part of the secret to getting the best fantasy football draft picks is to be reactive to what the other players in your fantasy football league are doing. When I’ve been playing, it seems the first people to go are the running back fantasy football picks. If you have the first few fantasy football draft picks then you should certainly go for the running backs. But if you’re in the middle or the last spots, then you might as well forget about the running backs and try to pick up some high scoring wide receivers or quarterbacks.

The reason you should do this (and that is what I did) is so the other teams in your league won’t have an unfair advantage against you in case these players are gone by your next turn to make your pick.

I made a few basic mistakes when doing my draft picks – I grabbed my quarterback Derek Anderson early on in Round 3, even though I probably could have waited until the 4th or 5th Round since most people have no idea who he is or that he consistently beat or matched Tom Brady, Carson Palmer & Big Ben week after week last year. I probably could have had slightly better running backs or maybe one of the top 3 tight ends – but as I learned last year these guys aren’t always as good as promised. Last year I had some very promising running backs, who ended up getting hurt and not playing most of the year.

Anyways, here’s my fantasy football draft picks, I think I have a pretty solid team this year:

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